Loop Scooter Sharing Service

We love electric scooters and Telematics 


Making the World a better place – one city at a time.

Loop believes that a new and smart concept for transportation is possible. Loop electric scooters are easier than bicycles and faster than cars in traffic. They are clean, with hassle-free parking. Together, we can reduce the number of privately owned vehicles, reduce congestion, emissions and increase the quality of life. You can read our terms of use here

A winning business model

Our goal is to deploy the largest fleet of shared electric scooters worldwide based on our advanced technology. The Loop solution is highly scalable and developed to offer Loop Zone Operators a turnkey sharing service capable of generating revenue in record time.



To deploy a shared fleet of Loop scooters in a city is a truly simple process. The Zone Operator staff is trained on all aspects of Loop service provisioning ranging from technology, service, operations, subscriber interaction, Loop scooter maintenance, to billing, troubleshooting and brand promotion. Behind the ease of use of Loop service is a team of trained professionals who specializes in making each and every ride affordable, worry-free, and fun.

Fully Integrated

Loop scooter sharing service is the first fully integrated service in the World. Our scooters come out of the OEM’s production line already equipped with our Telematics-enabled dashboard and connected to our back-end software.


From Loop scooters to back-end solution, from marketing to maintenance, everything is provided by Loop. We set-up the complete scooter sharing service in every city worldwide with the same high service quality and standard look and feel.

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